Childrens Eyeglasses Prince George

Childrens Eyeglasses Prince George

Parent’s Tips For Buying Children’s Eyeglasses In Prince George

If you are a parent looking for children’s eyeglasses in Prince George, you probably know it can be overwhelming and confusing to choose the right one. There are a lot of children’s eyeglasses to choose from, but the problem is figuring out the one your child will be willing to put on and the one that will last for a long time. A lot of children that need eyeglasses are either longsighted or shortsighted.

Your doctor will describe the kind of glasses you need depending on the level of visual correction. Here are some things to consider when buying children’s eyeglasses in Prince George.

The Thickness of the Lens

When choosing glasses, the primary consideration is always the prescription of the eyeglass. Before you even consider the frames of the glasses, you have first put the lenses of the glass into consideration. If according to the prescription, the lenses are supposed to be strong and thick, then it is vital you choose small frames in order to reduce the final thickness of the lens. Also, smaller lenses are more preferred for kids as it has less risk of distorted or blurred peripheral vision.

Metal or Plastic

The frame of children’s eyeglasses in Prince George is made of either metal or plastic, and a lot of them have styles that mimic the frames designed for adults. Children are more attracted to these styles due to the fact that they look more mature. Earlier, frames made of plastics were the most preferred and better choice for kids because they are more durable, they are unbreakable, they do not bend, they are not heavy, and they are less expensive. Recently, metal frames are being made to have these features also.

The composition of metal varies, so you can find out from an optician which one is best and most suitable for your child, based on their level of experience, they will be able to provide you with some specifications. Some frames are made of alloy materials, if you have a child that is allergic to alloy frames that contain nickel, then you should go for hypoallergenic materials.

Adequate Bridge Fit

One of the most challenging aspects of choosing suitable frames for kids is that they don’t have a fully developed nose. This makes them lack a bridge to help prevent frames made of plastic from falling off. Frames made of metals are often made with nose pads that are adjustable, this makes them a good fit for the bridge of everyone. This challenge with frames made of plastics have come to the notice of some manufacturers, and they have fixed the bridges of plastic frames to fit small noses.

It is vital to choose a frame that will fit the nose of your kid very well, else, the child will tend to look over the over the lenses rather than raising the glasses to the position where they are supposed to be. An eyeglass with a bridge that fits the nose of a kid will make them more comfortable, and it will also enhance their confidence.


Childrens Eyeglasses Prince George
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